School Menus
Meal Prices SY 17-18
  • Breakfast

    Students-No Cost (1st Meal) 

    Adult (Employees) $1.75
    At Cost (Visitors)   $2.45

  • Lunch
    Students-No Cost (1st Meal)  


    Adult (Employees) $3.00   

    At Cost (Visitors)   $4.85

  • Extra Sales
    Milk, Juice, Ice Cream - $.60

    Water ( 8 oz) - $.65

    Water (16.9 oz) - $.90

    Take Out - $.50

  • Welcome

    Welcome to School Nutrition



    St. Martin Parish School Nutrition Program is committed to protecting and enhancing children's health and well-being. School Nutrition is an integral part of the school learning environment. Therefore, we will provide high quality, nutritious and appealing meals to students, staff, and friends of the schools in a positive, cheerful manner, while maintaining financial soundness, and contributing to the quality and excellence of a student's education experience.




    Students are eating delicious, safe and healthful foods prepared with love and care by School Nutrition employees, in a sanitary and pleasant environment. Students are greeted with respect and enthusiasm.  Each employee puts forth her and his personal best in their daily tasks, for themselves, their co-workers, and the student in front of them.



    1. Improve student achievement through nutrition.

    2. Provide pleasant customer service to the students. 
    3. Serve presentable and tasty food.
    4. Increase student fruit and vegetable consumption. 
    5. Work at involving parents in educating and providing healthy foods for students, at school and at home. 
    6. Create a positive experience for students while being served their food in the cafeteria. 
    7. Follow the menu that has been analyzed, serving the proper portion sizes, as required by the USDA. 
    8. Maintain equipment in good repair. 
    9. Follow standard operating procedures for the heating and storage of food. 
    10. Follow standard operating procedures for a clean and sanitary kitchen. 
    11. National School Breakfast and Lunch Program meals are the most governed meals in America. It is our goal to adhere to Federal, State and Parish regulations.     

USDA Nondiscrimation Statement
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