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Pamela Jordan
Director of Federal Programs
625 Corporate Blvd
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Phone: 337-332-2105 Extension 2834

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Title I - Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged offers students having difficulties in reading and mathematics the opportunity to receive special help, provides Pre-Kindergarten programs, and the Title I Family Involvement activity. The St. Martin Parish Title I Program provides service to over 5,000 students in thirteen public, two private/parochial schools, and one school for delinquent students (Juvenile Training Center).

Title I Activities:
Professional Development Activities centered around the training, development and resources for teachers and para-professionals to become highly qualified. 
  • Pre-Kindergarten Teachers/Aides
  • Early Childhood Resources selected to support program goals
  • Reading/Math Tutors/Teachers
  • Reading Resources selected to support program goals
  • Math Manipulatives selected to support program goals
  • Parish Math Tournament
  • Fine Arts Fair


Resources are made available to ensure that each child of a homeless individual and each homeless youth has equal access to the same free, appropriate public education and that they have access to the education and other services that are needed to ensure that they have an opportunity to meet the same challenging State student academic achievement standards to which all students are held. For more information contact Vicki Guidry at 332-1821 ext. 1501.


Parent/Family Involvement

Parent/Family involvement in their children's education is increasingly viewed as important for children's success in school, especially in the early years.  Recognizing the value of sound home‑school relationships, Title I provides two Family Involvement Coordinators who conduct activities designed to increase opportunities for parents to become involved.

Activities include:

-workshops addressing needs and concerns of parents of primary and elementary school students,and junior high

-making positive contacts (home visits, phone calls, written contacts, school contacts) with parents so that they might feel more at ease working with school personnel,

-monitoring the performance of 3rd and 4th grade students so that they might offer materials and/or present workshops to help the parents address the needs of  these students,

-and by providing a parish wide resource Center and schools offering written and electronic materials and resources,and ready to provide guidance and assistances


Title I Activities

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